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Arthrix Plus and Arthrix Plus Hypoallergenic FormulasImagine your Dog Jumping Like a Puppy or your Cat Climbing Like a Kitten Again...

Then read about a Natural Supplement designed to Relieve Age Related Discomforts! ARTHRIX® Plus or ARTHRIX® Plus Hypoallergenic, our New Veterinary Formulas, provide even better results!
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Title:  Joint supplement for dogs and cats

Description: "ARTHRIX for Dogs and Cats fights the cause, treats the symptoms and helps prevent joint discomforts"

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ARTHRIX for Dogs and Cats is the first nutraceutical pet supplement to treat both the CAUSE and the SYMPTOMS of joint discomforts. ARTHRIX for Dogs and Cats is a combination of powerful natural ingredients, including a strong anti-inflammatory product from the rainforest ("arthrix"), MSM, glucosamine (to rebuild cartilage), Ester-C (advanced vitamin C), a full spectrum of minerals and trace element (to improve cell functioning), and fatty acids (for joint health and to promote a healthy coat).




Advanced Pet Health Supplements Designed for Efficacy and Convenience

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